New Year - New Things!

January 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

We are just about to start year 3 of this amazing journey and we couldn’t thank you all enough for our success. We have been so blessed to share our passion with all 1,072 of you (that is surreal to say out loud!)

When we first started, we struggled knowing who we were. What we wanted Nikabella Photography to look like. I don’t think this is out of the ordinary, but it took us a couple of years to finally nail it down. We followed a handful of photographers that we admired for their style of photography. So, in the beginning, we tried to emulate them and achieve images that looked like their work. While we liked our work, we never felt like it was us. We continued to push ourselves, always learning new things with our cameras, posing, editing techniques and business tactics. We constantly strived (and still do) to be better than the previous session. Along the way, maybe year 1.5 or so, we decided it was time to dig deep within and become the photographers we really wanted to be. This meant ditching the business model of sit, pose, smile, click and moving more towards capturing raw, real moments with families, children, couples, and all of our clients. This also meant we needed to stop editing our images the way our favorite photographers edited. Just because we loved their work, didn’t mean it was right for us. Last Spring is when we broke through and truly delivered sessions true to who we are. It felt and still feels incredible!

You may have noticed some changes along the way, and if not, let us tell you a bit about them.

Posing – When we are outdoor we do a lot less posed pictures. We would much rather capture your little ones being who they are instead of forcing them to sit and smile for us.

Editing – we are much more consistent in our editing from session to session and finally know our style. We found what fits our stories. We are warm, and moody, and sometimes, a little dark (lighting wise). We are capturing moments and emotion first and foremost and our editing is what best fits that.

Pricing – Our pricing structure has been on our website for a few months now, but for all our returning clients, and new, we wanted to explain the new structure, and price increase.

-Why the price difference between week night and weekend? – There are two reasons for this.

   1.) As some of you know, we both work full-time during the week and have families, so Nikabella is our side business. While Nikabella is incredibly important to us, our families are number one. Our preferred time to do a session is on weeknights over weekends to ensure we have time with our husbands and kids.

   2.) Our weeknight sessions will have just one of us – which will be based on our personal schedules to decide who will be your photographer for your session. Our weekend sessions will have both of us – so you get double the fun. J

-Why the price difference from the studio to outdoors? - Our studio sessions are forced to be more posed, due to the constraints a studio has. This doesn’t allow us to capture the number of images we can outside and deliver the variety outdoor sessions have.

-Why are Extended Family sessions so much more? -  With an extended family session we are spending time with a lot more people. We are working quickly and efficiently to produce images you will love, while making sure to give you images that fit who we are as photographers. You will receive a huge variety – large family, single family shots, grandparents with grandkids, grandkids, and so much more. These sessions take a lot more time to plan along with editing time. You will receive more images in this session and have both photographers.

NEW Changes coming in 2015

Webpage - You can now find us at or WHOOHOO!!

Blog-a-roo - This blog! We are going to attempt blogging sessions so you have an idea of what a session with Nikabella looks like. We use the word attempt because this is new…and more work. :) Wish us luck, lol.

Re-branding/Logo – Our original logo was perfect for us in the beginning, but for the last six-nine months we have felt it did not fit us any longer. It was a long process to figure out what we thought did fit us and we are so excited to announce our new Logo. Whohoo! (The logo at the top of the page is the new one)

We are so excited for what this year will bring! Thank you all for your continued support!!


Shannon & Ashley



Amy Scheve(non-registered)
You both are wonderful!! You love photography and it shows in your pictures and during your sessions!
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